Empowering Your Destiny With Feng Shui Mastery, Bazi Insights, and Qimen Dun Jia Wisdom

This title encompasses the diverse services you offer, highlighting the key elements such as Destiny & Luck Pillar, Business Wealth Capacity, Investment, Career, Relationship, Wellness & Health, Children Development, Fengshui Assessment & Strategic Execution, Qi Men Dun Jia Situational Assessment, Manifestation & Spiritual Pathway, Coaching, and Training. It emphasizes the holistic approach to achieving harmony and success in various aspects of life through the expert guidance provided by your Feng Shui Master services.


Andrew Tan a Feng Shui Master

specializing in Bazi, Feng Shui, and QiMen Dun Jia. I offer personalized
solutions for success in wealth, career, and relationships. Join me in
workshops and coaching sessions to unlock your potential and manifest a harmonious life.

Our Services

Elevate success with our Bazi analysis services. From Luck Pillars to business strategies, wealth, and relationships, gain insights for lasting fulfillment and achievement.


Discover firsthand accounts of satisfaction and success as clients share their experiences with our services. From efficient teamwork to top-notch products, these testimonials offer genuine insights into the positive impact we’ve made. Explore the voices of those who have entrusted us and envision the exceptional journey that awaits you.

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